How do I ask you to recognise my device?

When you log in to Online Banking on a computer or mobile device we don't recognise, we'll send you a One Time Access Code by text or an automated call. This code is valid for 10 minutes. You can choose an option to resend a new One Time Access Code up to 3 times within 20 minutes.

You'll be asked to enter the One Time Access Code during login. Once you've entered the One Time Access Code and confirmed your Password, you'll be asked if you want us to recognise your computer.

If you ask us to recognise your computer we'll store a small security token on your computer or mobile device, which lets us recognise it. We don't store any private or personal information about you or your accounts.

If we don't have your up to date mobile or landline number we can't send you a One Time Access Code. Instead, we'll send you a Temporary Security Number by post which is valid for 30 days.
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