Why are you adding extra checks when I try to make a payment?

Due to new banking regulations, all banks need to provide an extra layer of security for their customers. This is called Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) and increases your protection when paying for things online, spending on a contactless card or using Online Banking or the mobile app. Some things you may start to see:

  • When you pay for something online, we may send a code to your mobile or landline to check it’s really you. That’s why it’s important you check we have your correct phone number.
  • If you make contactless payments, we may ask you to input your PIN from time to time. So, if your contactless payment is unsuccessful just insert your card and use your PIN.
  • You may be asked for extra security in our Mobile App or Online Banking, so we can make sure it’s you.

These extra steps are just new ways to confirm it’s really you to help keep your account secure. More information can be found on our website.
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