Is the Mobile Banking App Secure?

We work hard to keep your accounts safe and secure. We constantly monitor our systems and processes to ensure we maintain the high level of security you would expect from a bank. You can find more information More information can be found on our how we protect you page.

There are different ways for you to log in to your Mobile Banking App and you should take the following steps to protect your app for each.

If you have a supported device, you can log in to the app using Fingerprint or Touch ID. Your passcode or password will be required to enable Fingerprint or Touch ID. Once enabled, any fingerprints on your device can be used to access your account so you must not store anyone else’s fingerprint on your device. For more information about Touch ID security you can visit the Apple support page.

Additionally, if you have a supported device, you can use Apple’s Face ID to log in and authenticate transactions with our app. Similar to Touch ID, you will need your passcode or password to enable Face ID. For more detail on Face ID you can visit the Apple support page.

If you choose to use a passcode to log in to the app, it’s important to select one that would be hard for a fraudster to guess, is different from your other passcodes and PINs, and that you keep it secret.

To find out more about the steps you can take to keep yourself safe in the app and also online visit

To find out how to set up faster log in methods for the Mobile Banking App, look at these FAQs:

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