Why does my device no longer support the Mobile Banking App?

We’re always updating our security measures for our Mobile Banking App. However, this means some of our customers using older devices, operating systems, or app versions may no longer be able to access our app.

To keep you safe, we recommend you have the latest version of our app as well as the most up-to-date operating system (OS) installed on your device.

Our app and operating system requirements are:

  • App version 4.30.0 or above
  • Android OS 9 or above
  • iOS 15 or above

By July 2024, you must have updated our Mobile App to at least version 4.30.0. If you launch our app using an older version, you won’t have access to your accounts via our app. We will instead direct you to the App Store or Play Store to get the latest update.

Your device's OS must be iOS 15 or above or Android 9 or above to download and use our app. Please note that our app isn't available on Android tablets.

You won’t be able to use our app on a jailbroken or rooted device. This is because these devices are more exposed to cyber criminals and security threats.

If you can't upgrade your device, you can still manage your Tesco Bank accounts on your phone, tablet, or desktop computer with Online Banking.
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