Why does my device no longer support the Mobile Banking App?

We’re continually updating our security measures for our Mobile Banking App, which means that some of our customers using older devices, operating systems or app versions may no longer be able to access our app.

To keep you safe and ensure you get the most out of our app, we strongly recommend that you ensure you have the latest version of our Mobile Banking App and have the most up to date operating system (OS) installed on your device.

From June 2023 you will have to have updated our app to at least version 4.11. If you launch our app using an older version, you will not be able to access your accounts via our Mobile App and we will direct to you to either the App Store or Play Store to get the latest update.

Also, to download and use our App, your device’s OS will need to be on iOS 14 or above or Android 8.1 or above. Please note, the App isn't available on Android tablets.

You won’t be able to use our Mobile Banking App on a device that is jailbroken or rooted. This is because apps on these devices are more exposed to cybercriminals and security threats.

If you’re unable to upgrade your device to a compatible version, you’ll still be able to manage all your Tesco Bank accounts either on your phone, tablet or a desktop computer using our Online Banking.
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