What is a pending transaction?

When you spend with your credit card, the retailer will request approval from us to debit your account with the transaction. Your ‘available credit’ will reduce by the amount you have spent and the transaction will show as a ‘pending transaction’ in the app. A ‘pending transaction’ only shows limited information that we have available on the transaction.

Once we receive all the details from the retailer to claim the funds, this ‘pending transaction’ will be removed and shown as a normal transaction in your statement and ‘transaction list’. At this point, your available credit and balance will be updated accordingly. This generally won’t take more than 7 days, however may take longer for international transactions.

If you're paying your credit card using a debit card, we show this as a pending payment in your transaction list. This payment will be called 'Card Payment' in your pending transactions and will generally take up to 2 days to be processed depending on what time you make the payment. Other forms of payment such as Direct Debits or online transfers will not appear in the pending transactions list.
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