If you don’t recognise a transaction at all, please visit our unrecognised transactions page for more information.

But if there’s a problem with something you’ve bought, and you can’t sort it out with the retailer, we may be able to get your money back for you. This is because you have extra protection when you pay with Visa or MasterCard called a chargeback.

There are a lot of different reasons you may be able to make a chargeback. For example, if you bought something online that was broken, or you couldn’t return it, or if you paid for a holiday that was cancelled.

Make sure you’ve tried to sort the problem out with the retailer first. They can also challenge your claim which, if it’s valid, might mean we have to re-debit your account.
Have anything related to your purchase on hand while you fill out the form like receipts, a copy of the retailer’s terms and conditions and any emails or letters you’ve written or received.

There are some rules around asking for a chargeback. Check out these details:

  • Usually, you’ll need to ask for a chargeback within 120 days of the transaction
  • Or, if you’ve bought something like a holiday or concert ticket that takes place after 120 days, that can be extended up to 540 days
  • If you’re asking for a chargeback on a wrong transaction amount or a duplicate transaction you have 90 days to make a chargeback claim

Please visit our chargeback pages to make a claim online.
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