Will I be charged any fees for withdrawing money from my Tesco Bank Cash ISA?

Fixed Rate ISA - if 30 days have passed since you opened your account and you have a Fixed Rate ISA, you will be charged a fee equal to 90 days interest on the balance of your account. Please note you can only withdraw or transfer the full balance and you aren't able to make partial withdrawals or transfers. If you wish to withdraw money from your Fixed Rate Cash ISA, your account will be closed.

Instant Access Cash ISA - you can make as many withdrawals as you wish without giving any notice and without fee provided your account remains in credit.

If you close any type of ISA and withdraw your money, it will lose its tax free status. To avoid this, you can transfer all of the money in your Cash ISA to another ISA during the fixed term, using the ISA transfer process. This will ensure your money remains tax free when you send it to another provider.

If you are simply looking to withdraw from your Instant Access Cash ISA and not close the account, you are able to withdraw and replace money as often as you like from both current and previous years’ subscriptions on your Instant Access Cash ISA. Should you wish to replace what you have withdrawn, we recommend you do so by 5pm on the 5th April in the same tax year it was withdrawn. This will ensure that any funds are in your account before the cut off deadline at the end of the tax year at midnight on 5th April.
The current rules for ISAs are subject to change by HM Revenue & Customs and the value of tax benefits depends on individual circumstance. Learn more about Cash ISAs by visiting the HMRC website.
Please Note: for security reasons a daily limit for online withdrawals does apply.
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