What happens to my Tesco Bank Cash ISA if I move out of the UK?

You must tell us immediately if you are moving out of the UK. Your money will continue to earn interest which will remain tax free.

You can continue to make subscriptions to your account until the end of the tax year of leaving the UK (remember if you are a Fixed Rate Customer you are only able to fund the account during the first 30 days from opening your account) but you will not be able to make any subscriptions in the following tax year unless you are UK resident for that tax year. Your money will continue to earn interest, which will remain tax free while you are resident outside the UK but you will not be able to make further subscriptions until you become a UK resident again.

For more information about whether or not you are resident in the UK, please contact HMRC.

We can only offer Tesco Bank Cash ISAs to UK residents. If you are a Crown Employee (or married to, or in a civil partnership with a person who performs such duties) and you change your address to outwith the UK, or are otherwise UK resident for tax purposes, you will need to contact us.

The current rules for ISAs are subject to change by HM Revenue & Customs and the value of tax benefits depends on individual circumstances.
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