How does protected No Claims Discount work?

When you apply for cover, you have the option of adding protection for your No Claims Discount (NCD) if you have a minimum of four years NCD. You must also have had no more than one fault claim in a three year period to be eligible. Your NCD will then be maintained in the event of up to 2 claims within the first policy year. Without NCD protection, claims where we are unable to make a full recovery from a third party will reduce your NCD.
NCD protection does not protect your premium and you may have to pay a higher premium and excess from your next renewal if any claims are made. Your NCD will not increase in any years in which you have a claim.

If you renew your Tesco Bank Car Insurance policy, the terms of your no claims discount protection will change. More information on how Protected NCD may be affected by multiple claims can be found in the Policy Booklet.

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