How do I cancel my policy?

We are sorry you are considering cancelling your Car Insurance policy.

If you need to cancel your policy, please call Customer Services. Alternatively, you can write to us via Freepost RSJB-RZZY-HTJB, Tesco Bank Customer Service, P.O. Box 276, Newcastle Upon Tyne, NE12 2BT.

Please note, there will be a £40 fee for cancelling your policy unless you cancel within the first 14 days. More information can be found within your Policy booklet.

You can opt-out of automatic renewal at any time. Simply log in to Your Insurance Account and click Manage renewal, or you can just give us a call.

This answer specifically relates to Tesco Bank Car Insurance, this process does not apply to Tesco Bank Pet Insurance Or Tesco Bank Box Insurance. For an answer relating to either of these products, please select the relevant FAQ category or try using the search box at the top.
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