Do I need to send proof of my no claim discount for Box Insurance?

Yes. As your premium is based on the no claim discount (NCD) entered, we need to see proof that you are entitled to this discount.
We need you to provide proof of the number of years NCD you have claimed within 14 days of purchase of your original policy. The NCD proof must:

  • Be earned on a private car from an insurer authorised in the UK

  • Have been earned in your name as the policyholder

  • Be an original copy, written in English on company headed paper

  • Be earned on a policy that expired less than 2 years ago

  • Not being currently used to insure another vehicle

Sending us a copy of your renewal notice is fine. You can also usually request your previous insurer to supply a proof of NCD. If you can’t prove that you're entitled to this NCD when we ask you to, this may result in reduced settlement of a future claim or cancellation of your policy.
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