How do you know if I have been involved in an accident with Box Insurance?

The box should notify us straight away if your car suffers a significant impact. In these circumstances we will assume that your vehicle has been involved in an accident. We will then monitor the position of your car and if it is stationary, we will attempt to contact you by phone to offer you assistance and record the accident or claim details, as appropriate. If your vehicle is not stationary we will assume that you do not need any immediate assistance and we will attempt to contact you at the earliest opportunity to record the details of any accident or claim that you wish to make.
Please note that you still have an obligation to report any accidents or claims to Tesco Bank Box Insurance, and that if the box is damaged or out of service range it may not be able to alert us immediately. If, when we monitor the position of your car, we notice that it is stationary and the ignition is still switched on, we will assess the severity of the impact, the location of the incident and the time of day. If we believe that you might be injured and/or incapacitated in an isolated or remote location we will attempt to contact the emergency services and request that they attend the scene of the incident.
Also note that we are not able to guarantee that the emergency services will attend, and you should therefore still make all possible efforts to contact them yourself.
It is also important not to assume that we are aware of any incident. You must still contact us to report any circumstances that could lead to a claim being made on your policy.
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