How do I change my address on my Tesco Bank Home Insurance account?

You can change your address at any time in Your Insurance Account. As well as your new postcode and house number, you’ll information on:

- What year the property was built
- The type of building
- Construction type

To change your address, follow these steps:

- After logging in, select the policy and click ‘Make changes’.
- Select ‘Change your address’.
- Read the statements carefully and, if you’re happy with them, click ‘Confirm’.
- Choose the date you’d like the change to take effect.
- Add the details for your new address.
- If you’d like to change your correspondence address, you can do so here.
- Check all the information is correct before clicking ‘Save and get quote’.

We’ll then show you the cost to make the change and a few optional extras for your policy. There are no fees for changing your address online, but your premium may change.
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