Promotional offers - eligibility checklist

The terms could include things like:

  • Clubcard membership – for some offers, you must add your Clubcard number when getting your quote.
  • Specific policies – some offers only apply to certain types of cover (e.g. buildings and contents-only).
  • Buying your policy directly from Tesco Bank – most of our offers are only available if you buy directly from us rather than through a price comparison site (e.g. Go Compare).
  • Promotional codes – codes must be entered when getting your quote or shortly after.
    • If the offer is for Clubcard points, you have 6 weeks after the end of the campaign to add the code.
    • If the offer is for a gift card, you have 8 weeks after the end of the campaign to add the code.

Any policies before or after the specified dates are not eligible for promotions.

If you need a hand with your promotional offer, please call us on 0345 674 6666*.

*Calls may be recorded. This number may be included as part of any inclusive call minutes provided by your phone operator.
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