How do I update where my car is kept overnight?

You can change where your car is kept overnight on your car insurance policy 24 hours a day via Your Insurance Account. All changes made via Your Insurance Account will not incur an administration fee.

  • Once logged in, select the policy you want to make the change on and then click 'View policy'
  • Select 'Make change' from the menu and you'll be taken to a new page to select which change you want to progress with. Select 'Change your address'
  • Read the statements carefully and if accepted, click 'Confirm'
  • Select the date you want your change to take effect from and click 'Next'
  • Scroll down to the question 'Where is your car usually parked overnight' and choose the new location, you should check all the information is correct before clicking 'Next'
  • You'll be taken to a change summary page to confirm back the details you are changing, select 'Save and get quote' or opt to make further changes

Please note this will not process the change at this stage, you'll be given the option to cancel on the next screen should you not want to go ahead.

  • You'll then be presented with the cost to make the change and the option of adding any optional extras to your policy (also at an additional cost).
  • If you're happy and want to go ahead, click 'Go to checkout'. If you don't want to go ahead, click 'Back to your account'.
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