What happens if my situation changes?

You'll need to let us know about any changes that could affect your cover. Some examples of what changes you’ll need to inform us about are:

  • Change of name and/or address;
  • Change of occupation;
  • Any building work;
  • Your home becoming unoccupied;
  • You plan to rent your home or part of your home;
  • Your property is no longer solely owned by you or your family;
  • Additions to, or increases in the value of, your contents, valuables or jewellery;
  • You or someone in your home decide to use the home for business use, excluding child minding, clerical or administrative work with no employees.
  • You or any person living with you has any unspent criminal convictions and/or is declared bankrupt.
  • Any loss or incident that may cause a claim, even if you’re not claiming.

If you’re registered with Your Insurance Account, you can make the following changes online:
  • Your details: name; occupation; contact details.
  • Buildings cover: add/remove accidental damage or remove buildings cover altogether.
  • Contents cover: sum insured; add/remove PP cover; add/remove contents cover; add/specified items; remove contents cover.
  • Change address: you can tell us about a change of address to a different postcode but you won’t be able to change your property details.
  • Add a joint policy holder.

For all other changes, please call Customer Services.
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