Who will you appoint to assess my claim?

We may pass your claim to our nominated suppliers, who will assist us and you in settling the claim. These may include:

  • Loss adjustor: loss adjustors are claims specialists who we appoint to investigate complex claims on our behalf. They are responsible for establishing the value and cause of loss or damage and to determine whether it is covered by your insurance policy.
  • Builder: we have a network of builders who can repair damage to your home.
  • Drying/restoration: drying and restoration suppliers are instructed by us dry out your property before any repairs can commence.
  • Alternative accommodation specialist: we’ll appoint this specialist to provide you with suitable accommodation whilst yours is out of action.
  • Jewellery specialists: we have a network of jewellery suppliers to provide you with replacement jewellery.
  • Underground service specialists: our underground services are appointed to investigate and resolve areas which are covered under your policy terms and conditions.
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