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    Hi everyone,

    I’m Sarah from the Tesco Bank community team and welcome to the community if this is your first visit!

    I’d really like to get to know you all, so the team and I wanted to create a place where everyone can say hello and share a bit about themselves.

    This is a community for Tesco Bank members to offer each other advice, but it's also a social community, so I’d love to hear from you!

    Here’s a bit about myself first. I’ve been in the Community team for 3 and a half years now and with Tesco Bank for just over 10 years. My background is financial services, having worked for Halifax and Bank of Scotland for 11 years prior to this. I have two young children aged 4 and 8 and when they are not keeping me busy I love going to the gym and all things exercised related.

    So, over to you. Some of these questions might get you started below:

    • Why did you decide to join the community?
    • How are you finding it so far?
    • What hobbies do you love in your spare time?
    • Are you an expert at anything?
    • What’s a really weird fact about yourself?

    You can also speak to me directly if you need anything, so feel free to send me a private message any time.

    That’s it for now. Say hello below! 

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    Above and beyond
    Hi everyone ! I’m Chris from East Devon, ex military and security consultant now happily retired. It’s always a pleasure helping people, and I love 💔 doing just that wherever I can in this community.
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    Hi everyone,

    I'm Caroline living in the Midlands.
    I enjoy travelling, especially abroad (well before Covid 19 anyway!!).
    Just loving this community and being able to assist other's is a real pleasure and delight 😁
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    Hey @CSKBrambles - thanks for sharing with everyone. Great to put a face to the name too!

    @25H - great to hear from you too. Have you got any trips planned for next year? Or have you held off booking anything? Its confusing to know what to do for the best at the moment
    isn't it!

    You are both a really great help in the Community and sure plenty of people will agree with that. Hope to speak again soon 
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    Hi @sarah_d
    I have a number of planned flights from this year that have been moved over to 2020.
    Planning to go away abroad next month to see friends if all goes to plan, suppose I won't know until it actually happens as Covid 19 restrictions could change!!!
    Despite being away (hopefully) I will still be logging into the community.
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    Window shopper
    I've only just found this forum but had a Tesco credit card since they came out.
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    Hey @BrianJacobs - welcome to The Community. Have you had a look around? We are encouraging new members to introduce themselves on this post where possible and I'd love to hear more from you! What was your reason for joining the community? Feel free to send me a private message if you have any questions :)
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    Eagle eye
    Hi Peeps,
    My name is William I am 42 Years Old and I am from
    Cold and Sunny Basildon. I myself work in Retail and
    have done for around 20 years now. I am Married to
    my Hubby Stuart and have been together since June
    1999. We have no children but we have two pet Guinea
    Pigs (The Brain and Pinky) who are our world.

    Although I work in Retail I also run my own Guinea Pig
    Website keeping our followers up to date with Care
    Information. New Treatments for Medical Conditions,
    Rescue Centre Database, Veternary Database.

    I joined the Tesco Community to help as many people as
    I can and also help improve our banking experience by
    Becoming a Beta Tester.
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    Hey @wcevans1978 - nice to meet you! I know we've chatted privately about Beta (and I'm super pleased to have you on board) but lovely to learn more about you. My children are desperate for a pet and a guinea pig or a dog are top of the list I have to say. How are you finding the new platform so far?

    Hope to hear more from you soon 😊
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    Hi All.

    I'm Jason from Central Norfolk. Currently recovering from a Ruptured Achilles Tendon. NOT enjoying 2020 for ANY reason! Lol!

    Anyway, hope everyone is well despite the terrible year!

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    Hi All.<br><br>I'm Jason from Central Norfolk. Currently recovering from a Ruptured Achilles Tendon. NOT enjoying 2020 for ANY reason! Lol!<br><br>Anyway, hope everyone is well despite the terrible year!<br>