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    This is ridiculous!! All I want to do is change my contact phone number related to my Tesco credit card. You can't ring anyone unless you're willing to spend 5 hours on the phone and I just can't see a way of doing this on this website. At the moment, Tesco use my home number to send a code to verify a payment!!!!!! This is a recent initiative by Tesco. When I gave my home number as the contact number, it was not explained that it would be used for sending verification codes!! Not helpful when on holiday and trying to pay for something on-line. Almost about to give up.

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    @PeterMitchell Sorry to hear this, Peter. Do you have access to online banking?
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    As this is a feedback thread I thought I would point out that under FAQ there is a section around “best price” for car insurance which includes renewals. However in the explanation it does not include when you will receive a renewal quote at the end of your existing policy. Is it 30 days prior, 28, 14?
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    The FAQ page on:
    "How do I get a contactless card?"
    .....includes misleading statements.

    "All debit cards are contactless."
    "All newly issued MasterCard credit cards are contactless."

    Both Lloyds Bank and NatWest/RBS still allow customers the choice.
    (I've just had my second replacement non-contactless since contactless was foisted upon most bank customers.)

    So please insert "Tesco" in each sentence - to avoid the inference that "all" cards from "all" banks are contactless.

    Also, please can you add a FAQ.
    "How to disable the contactless feature"
    Guides exist on the internet - but depend on the routing of hidden wires in each card.

    Thank you
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    @Tarian I will pass your comments on as feedback to the Credit Card team in reference to the FAQ update. However, as this is a Tesco Bank FAQ, in reference to a Tesco Bank product I personally don't feel this is unclear.

    We don't accept any circumstance that any Tesco Bank card should be tampered with in order to disable the contactless function and would strongly recommend that no customers attempt this. As a result, we will not be adding this requested FAQ.
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    Hello everyone is anybody having trouble viewing MasterCard statements online? normally no problem and I tried yesterday and again today just get error message. thanks
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    Hi @jill2308, this incident has now been resolved. Can you please check if you're able to view the statements online now?

    Sign up for our Beta here

    If you need to ask a question about a Tesco Bank product, you can make a post in Help & Support here

    Also, feel free to Introduce Yourself and have fun in Off-topic too!

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    I have had the Tesco credit card for years and the only credit I use daily for everything , recently with the introduction of new checks is getting beyond a joke . Websites are bringing up he message that the card issuer has declined transaction even though I have used those sites for years . It doesn’t even allow the option to authorise via app or phone . I have to pay with my debit card which I didn’t really want . One of the payment sites was via Worldpay , I think you guys need to sort this out otherwise might have to switch and apply for others cards
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    @sarah_d Its been well over a month now, and still no fix on the downloading transactions not working from about 23rd March - us customers just get the "we are aware of a problem and are looking as a fix" which is pretty much the standard copy and paste phrase - doesnt seem to be much urgency on this, but most people who use personal banking programs like Banktree and Ace Money rely on this to check off stuff, and like someone has said on one of the many threads - i suspect there is a GDPR breach with regards to Data Portability ?????? Sorry to Nag, but well over a month for something like this is nothing short of pathetic !
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    Here is an idea.
    When the customer has a zero balance on their card, do not send out an email saying their next payment will be taken in 5 days.
    How hard is it to check the balance? Some customers, not many I admit, might even be in credit?