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    Just wanted to say I am enjoying my Clubcard Pay+ account, especially for my fortnightly Tesco online shopping that get's delivered and it helpful too using the debit card to buy a coffee for my friend & I in places such as Costa and gain a little Tesco point for doing so.. Every Little Helps !
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    @Toby-M Mind if I move this post to its own thread within our dedicated Clubcard Pay+ group? I know our team love all feedback :)
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    [QUOTE=sarah_d;35858]Hi everyone,

    I wanted to post a quick introduction for the feedback & discussions board.

    This is the place where we’d really like to hear about your experiences with Tesco Bank, as well as any suggestions you have that can be considered for the future. Please share:

    • Ideas you have for us to look at
    • Ways in which we can improve things right now
    • If any information or FAQs are unclear around the website, tell me how we can add to them or improve them
    • Issues you’ve had (outside of your own personal account)

    This is a discussion environment and I really want to hear from you, so please be as open and detailed as possible. Myself and the community team will also post a few discussions in which we’ll ask for feedback on specific things throughout the next year, so please look out for those!

    If you have any questions, feel free to post below.

    How do I set up. Direct debit to pay my credit card? There is nothing on the app or on my online account to tell me. The FAQs tell me to select Direct Debit but there is no text about it.
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    Hi @Clara, thanks for getting in touch. Are you using the Mobile App or Online Banking? Please let me know and I'll be able to explain the steps to get this set up.

    Sign up for our Beta here

    If you need to ask a question about a Tesco Bank product, you can make a post in Help & Support here

    Also, feel free to Introduce Yourself and have fun in Off-topic too!

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    Guys i just got an email saying that “now i can use my card for spending without getting interest”

    that’s always been the case, and the email is just very misleading like you’ve done something when this is just how credit cards work…

    Good news – you now have a new option for interest-free spending.

    We’ve updated how we charge interest to make your credit card more flexible for spending. If you have a 0% interest rate on a balance transfer or money transfer, you can now spend on your card without being charged interest.
    What does this mean for me?
    You can start using your card for purchases today – if you’re not doing so already. As long as you repay your purchase amount in full and on time every month, you won’t be charged interest.

    You’ll see how much you need to pay to avoid interest on any purchases on your monthly statement. And just so you know, if your purchase balance is less than your minimum payment, you only need to make the minimum payment shown on your statement.
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    Hi @Gazwj, this is a recent update that previously wasn't available if using the credit card for both purchases and a 0% transfer option.
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    @sarah_d How do you speak to customer services as a real person? None of the options fit my query and it only seems to direct to community which seems a bit ridiculous. Real person? Real query - help please?
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    @TLA If you're calling our Credit Cards team and none of the options seem to suit your query, please just select option 0 and this will get you through to speak with one of my colleagues on the phone.
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    Hello is anybody there from Tesco bank credit card. It is impossible to get in touch. I got a new credit card but no PIN was sent out so couldn’t use it cos no Tesco messaging service online and they won’t answer the phone. My partner applied for a Tesco credit card then gets letter telling her to complete application over phone cos they needed a home telephone number. No answer after 1.25 hours ringing. Impossible to communicate with Tesco bank
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    @sarah_d Hi i am a bit dissapointed with the communication after filling a reclaim form and sending off online for an amount that was doubled charged by the seller who failed to my responses. I have had no answer to say the form has been received or any other information since to say how the case is going against the seller all I know is that it can take up to 45 days but may be earlier or later so just sitting here in the dark as candle has run out is not very helpful.