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    Morning all

    Hope you're all well?

    I've been trying my best to do 3 - 4 runs a week since we went back into lockdown, I would love to hear what you have all been doing? I also set myself a challenge to go for a daily walk, even if it's a short 30 minute one. Getting some fresh air allows me to recharge and I always feel so much better for it.

    Not sure about you but I'm always willing to try new fitness activities, so it would be great if you could leave a comment and tell me how do you keep active?

    Look forward to hearing from you 😊
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    Hi Sarah,
    I also go out for a walk at least twice a week but I have to combine it with something like going to the supermarket (the nearest is just over a mile away) or when i go to the post office (almost a mile away)
    Other than that I do most of my excercise at home either inside or out in the garden.
    I'm doing nothing different now compared to before the virus started.
    What amazes me is I see so many people who live near me who did NOT go out for a walk ever are now walking out several times a week!!!!
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    Hey @25H

    Do you follow classes or do you have your own routine? I've done so many classes and PTs over the years but I still struggle to think of a routine myself!

    I would normally be doing weights and bootcamps, missing those type of activities and I hope they all reopen in a few weeks - fingers crossed.

    Definitely seeing more people out for walks where I live too, I agree. Suppose people don't have much else to do.
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    Hi Sarah,
    I do my own routine inside.
    Outside its gardening in the garden-keeping active while getting things done 😊
    Suppose you're right with people having not much else to do, never thought of it like that, I can always find things that need doing.
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    I'm keeping a keen eye on this post. I gained a bit of weight during the initial lockdown so keen to get peoples thoughts!
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    Hi Sarah, @sarah_d

    I'm not sure if my tips will help anyone, but they work for me !
    My cholesterol level is around 2.5, BMI 25, and i feel like a 16 year old, as fit as a flea but without the spots.


    1. Drink at least 6 glasses of water before 6pm, including one when you first wake up, and before each meal.
    2. Drink plenty of alcohol after 6pm, a bottle of red wine, and a glass of whisky or cognac for nightcap. (beer discouraged)
    3. Sleep like a log.
    4. 30 minutes brisk walk, regardless of the weather.
    5. 5 minutes of intense physical activity, partner participation encouraged.
    6. Eat fibre rich food along with protein, (bananas and sweet potatoes are best) 2 of each max.
    7. Ditch the stodge, limit carbs, chips, spuds and bread, small portions only.
    8. Indoor exercise, rotate 66 sit ups, 66 press ups, 66 squats, 66 touch your toes.
    9. Leave the car parked outside, and walk.
    10. Help out with neighbour's garden, window cleaning & shopping.


    1. Repeat.

    Hope this helps !

    Regards, Chris, @CSKBrambles
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    Some great advice here @CSKBrambles, big fan of tips number 2 & 3 in particular :D
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    This year, I had to do more fitness and my physical training because everyone became less active in self-isolation, right? That's why I started dieting and doing yoga. I contributed to this This article helped me a lot with choosing my favorite activity, which now became my hobby. Because of the quarantine, I had to stop going to the gym and so of all the sports activities I have running in the morning and yoga classes, I really like it. That is why I agree with many users who wrote about yoga above, it is wonderful
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    What a good way to look at it @tpayne1987 :) You may have just ignited my love for yoga again. I fell out of it due to not being able to do face to face classes! That could be my early New Year's resolution.. let's hope I stick to it
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    I'm somewhat fortunate to live a three minute walk up the road from a country park so when I'm in the mood (i.e. it's not wet and windy!) I take myself down there and usually walk four or five miles.