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    Evening all

    Not sure about you but this week has flown over for me! Hope everyone is having a good week so far.

    I was wondering what your thoughts are on this series of I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here?

    This show is a favourite of mine but I can't get into it as much as usual, not sure if its the setting or because of the lack of drama/entertainment that usually comes with it.

    Or are you hooked? If so, who is your favourite? Should I stick it out?

    Look forward to hearing from you all

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    Evening Sarah,

    Must admit it's one programme I can't get into whatsoever. Unsure of what it is exactly but I'm afraid to say I've never seen the appeal (personally).

    I do suspect it usually airing in November when it's summer time Down Under might be part of the appeal? To take peoples' minds off the dark morning and nights?
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    Hi Sarah, @sarah_d

    I too would usually look forward to watching IACGMOOH.
    I've watched a couple of the episodes and I feel its a bit flat and un-entertaining.
    I feel its the setting mostly, it's quite dark, dismal, lacks drama at times and a few are unknown to me. I currently can take it or leave it!!
    There isn't a favourite for me.
    Who is your favourite?
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    Hi Sarah, @sarah_d

    I must admit that it’s not quite the same this year, but I’ll take what’s on offer rather than nothing !

    The-celebrities are having it a bit too cosy for my liking, they presenters could have set up a camp outside, in a cave or down a pit !

    I’m still gonna watch it, but only on catch up without the adverts.

    First one off tonight, I would have said Holly but not after the way she was treated on the last trial.

    I’m hoping it’s Shane Richie, I just can’t connect with him, he gets on my nerves.

    It won’t be him of course, he has too big a fan base.
    So my money is on Ruthie Henshall to be the one out, let’s see if I’m right !

    Regards, Chris, @CSKBrambles
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    Im normally an avid fan of the show but this year just couldn’t get into it - watched one and never bothered after that, I do find that I know less of the celebrities ever year (must be getting old and don’t folllow the reality tv mob)