What is the last piece of tech you bought?

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    I've been treating myself recently by getting Alexa devices for each room in my home. This allows me to control my heating, lights as well as having a Bluetooth speaker to listen to podcasts and music no matter what room I am in.

    I decided on getting smart bulbs for the house, which can be changed to any color of your choosing by simple voice command.

    'Alexa, turn the living room light blue', and it does it straight away. This has meant that my kids have been turning all the rooms in my home different colors the whole weekend. My house looked more like a nightclub than a home.

    I wondered what is the last bit of tech that our Community members last bought, and what you are planning on buying soon?
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    Hi Ross, @RossM

    I haven't got into voice assistants or smart technology.

    it's less likely after watching last night's opening episode of "Finding Alice" !

    My most recent technology purchase was a ROKU streaming stick, i absolutely love it !

    Just plug it into a basic TV set, and stream Netflix, Prime Video, and Now TV etc.

    You can also stream LIVE freeview channels and catch up TV, on BBCiPlayer, ITV Hub, All 4 and many more !

    The best thing about it ? you don't need a TV aerial atached to your television !

    That means you can place TV sets anywhere in the house, without having TV sockets to plug into !

    Highly recommended, the picture quality is amazing, and it only costs aroung £25

    You just can't go wrong !

    Chris, @CSKBrambles
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    I got one of those for the TV in my Bedroom @CSKBrambles. Love it! Was Finding Alice good?
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    Hi Ross,

    Your household sounds so lively!!

    My Auntie recently got an Alexa, can't say its something for me.

    A couple of recent tech purchases, namely an Amazon Fire Stick with just so much to stream it has endless channels and programmes. Oh and then there's radio stations too.

    My latest and more recent is the wearable tech the smartwatch with its touch screen which is synchronized to my phone.
    It's a great fitness tracker, sleep tracker, step counter or how long I've cycled or run with ther notifications straight to my wrist, great 👍

    My next purchse, don't know yet!!
    Caz @25H
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    Hi everyone,

    I'm not the most Tech savvy person but there's a few things I've purchased in the last year that I can't live without! Top of the list would be my Airpods, these are so convenient especially when running and working out. I also treated myself to a Chromecast at the very beginning of the lockdown, and this has been great to stream many binge-worthy series on Netflix :) I'm not planning on making any more Tech purchases soon, but something I would really like to invest in sometime in the future would be a Peloton bike (they look amazing, and would definitely make up for missing spin classes!)
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    Hi Ross @RossM

    'Finding Alice' is the next series at the top of my watch list, to binge watch when the series has finished.

    It's a 6 part drama series on ITV staring Keeley Hawes who takes the lead role and along with Joanna Lumley and Nigel Haver's.

    I've watched Keeley Hawes in a few things and I find she's great to watch.

    Caz @25H
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    I would suggest giving "Finding Alice" a wide berth Ross, @RossM

    Certainly won't be watching any more episodes, it's not good at all. 👎

    Caught a film on Prime called Backcountry, that resulted in a long sleepless night !! 😮

    I'm hooked on the Outlander series at the moment, and just finished the new series of Vikings.

    Early to bed today though, i'm away early in the morning to see the new house... yippee !
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    Slight deviation from the original question, but I recently came across my old MiniDisk player (that is a bit of tech that never really became popular). I loved my wee device and took it everywhere as a teen. Somewhere between a tape player and CD, I spent hours moving all my CD's onto blank discs so I didn't have to carry one of those large clunky portable CD players about. I was convinced that this was the future of tech. Did anyone else buy some obscure piece of tech that never really took off?

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    Hi @RossM,

    My latest tech purchase was the new iPhone. Quite extravagant, but I justified it to myself on the basis I wasn’t able to spend any money on a holiday this year! I love the camera on it, a big improvement on my old phone, and the screen and battery are really good too.

    Interesting to hear about your MiniDisk player. Have you still got any MiniDisks to play in it? I recently found my old MP3 player in a drawer and was surprised it still works (after recharging). Although I must say my music taste has moved on in the 10 years since I last used it!
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    Quote Originally Posted by crb227 View Post
    Hi @RossM,

    Interesting to hear about your MiniDisk player. Have you still got any MiniDisks to play in it?

    I only had the one that was still in the player, seemed to be all Eminem tracks with a random one Moby track for some reason. Was getting some Nostalgia listening to it. Any random finds on your MP3 player?