can cashier steal money by telling customer that transaction has not gone through, st

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    I have sent a message yesterday on Twitter message. please see that for detail. Thanks
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    Hi @Gopal, I don't have access to view messages on Twitter. Can you share more information around this and we can see what we can do to help?
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    Hi @Gopal

    Should you prefer to send a 'Private Message' to Tesco Bank instead of putting the content on here?

    Click on this link Tesco-Bank then scroll down, on the left hand side click 'Send Private Message'.
    Complete it, click 'Submit Message' and this will send your message securely and privately.
    Please include your full name, date of birth and postcode.

    You will receive a reply to your private message, with the appropriate response.

    Warm wishes, Caz @25H
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    I have done a shopping on 31/3/21 around 9pm. at Tesco, Leytonstone. When I went to cashier, I used my Tesco credit card. The cost of purchase was around £34. When I inserted card and entered my PIN and display showed transaction completed, but cashier said it had not gone through and advised to enter pin again. I did and again display showed transaction completed, but again cashier advised it had not gone through, advised me to use another card. So I think the cost of transaction might be around £96. I want to know whether cash has been taken out of my credit card? Thanks Dr Gopalakrishnan
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    Hi Dr Gopalakrishnan @Gopal

    I had the exact situation last year when I paid by credit card for work done and a car service at a garage.
    When I checked online on my statement the following day it was showing 3 times the transaction.
    However after a few days there was just the 1 transaction I was billed for, I guess it knew I'd only had the 1 bill.
    So I'm guessing the same will happen with you.

    You can check via online banking or via the App to see what you've been charged onto your card.
    Should the billing still be incorrect, ask Tesco Bank to look into this for you by sending a 'Private Message' with your details as in my previous reply to you.
    They require your details so they can check this for you.

    Hope this helps!!

    Hope you have a lovely day this Easter Monday, Caz @25H
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    Hey Gopal, thanks for your message. If you send a private message as outlined by @25H, above, we'll check this for you.