Unfair & incorrect reporting at CRAs!!!

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    I entered into an arrangement on a loan & credit card back in December 2019 after going through some financial hardship following a sudden change in circumstances. I spoke with the resolutions team & asked time & time again how it would be portrayed on my credit report & I was told as JUST AN ARRANGEMENT no missed payments or arrears. I was told as long as I made the new payment on time it would be reported as such. I agreed reduced set payments & agreed to even make a payment at the end to bring the account back in line & clear any arrears. I paid payments set by Tesco Bank on time everytime for the agreed time. I then realised Tesco Bank had been reporting missed payments. After challenging them, they couldn’t see what they’d done wrong even though they admitted to not being clear in how they report. This has resulted in my not being able to obtain a mortgage having had an impeccable credit history before & a mortgage for 11 years. I can’t move house because of Tesco Bank which I find absolutely disgusting! I reported the matter to the Ombudsman who upheld my complaint & Tesco Bank told them they’ve removed the missed payment markers but they haven’t! They’ve basically lied! The Ombudsman can’t do anything more. I have no option but to go legal, which is absolutely ridiculous!!! Tell me how all of this is ethical? Why is this allowed to happen?!!
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    Hi @Marcia84

    I'm really very sorry to hear this.
    Even after the Ombudsman got involved nothing has been done for you.

    Please send Tesco Bank a private message from here and see if they're able to assist you.
    To do this click on this link Tesco-Bank then scroll down, on the left hand side click 'Send Private Message'.
    Complete it, click 'Submit Message' and this will send your message securely and privately.
    Please include your full name, date of birth and postcode.
    You will receive a reply to your private message.

    I hope you're able to get this sorted.

    Have a lovely weekend Caz @25H