What products have you bought recently that you use every day?

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    Hey, happy Friday Community Champs!!

    Recently I bought myself a Soda Stream for the purpose of making my own fizzy water and so far it has paid for itself by how much I have used it!

    I used to go through 2 bottles of fizzy water a day (before the comments start, I just prefer this to normal water :) ), and as a result I was wasting money, and having lots of empty bottles needing recycling. So when my partner said I should invest in a Soda Stream it made sense. Now I use just a couple of refillable bottles constantly meaning it is great for the environment and spend less per litre than buying it from my local supermarket!

    I have also bought syrup to make mint mixer for my all important Gin Fridays, and not only is it easy to make but very tasty!

    I wondered if anyone else in the Community has made a purchase recently that you use every day?
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    I bought a soda stream as well it is a must-have item for everyone that enjoys drinking sparkling water. Also, I bought some syrups like coca-cola flavor and they are really nice. When I play poker I always prepare a nice cool drink made with SodaStream. I usually add some flavors to it but most of the time I just drink sparkling water with a tiny bit of lemon. It is such a simple product but at the same time, it is a bit expensive to buy a new co2. I wonder maybe there is a cheaper way to refill it and not buy another one?
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    I feel incredibly old now as I remember my Mum owning a Soda Stream in the 1990s!
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    @andrewsaint Agreed, I use it every day now! @chaddman30 So they have came on a bit since those big white ones I remember. Nice sleek design now rather than this..