What products have you bought recently that you use every day?

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    Hey, happy Friday Community Champs!!

    Recently I bought myself a Soda Stream for the purpose of making my own fizzy water and so far it has paid for itself by how much I have used it!

    I used to go through 2 bottles of fizzy water a day (before the comments start, I just prefer this to normal water :) ), and as a result I was wasting money, and having lots of empty bottles needing recycling. So when my partner said I should invest in a Soda Stream it made sense. Now I use just a couple of refillable bottles constantly meaning it is great for the environment and spend less per litre than buying it from my local supermarket!

    I have also bought syrup to make mint mixer for my all important Gin Fridays, and not only is it easy to make but very tasty!

    I wondered if anyone else in the Community has made a purchase recently that you use every day?
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    I bought a soda stream as well it is a must-have item for everyone that enjoys drinking sparkling water. Also, I bought some syrups like coca-cola flavor and they are really nice. When I play poker I always prepare a nice cool drink made with SodaStream. I usually add some flavors to it but most of the time I just drink sparkling water with a tiny bit of lemon. It is such a simple product but at the same time, it is a bit expensive to buy a new co2. I wonder maybe there is a cheaper way to refill it and not buy another one?
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    I feel incredibly old now as I remember my Mum owning a Soda Stream in the 1990s!
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    @andrewsaint Agreed, I use it every day now! @chaddman30 So they have came on a bit since those big white ones I remember. Nice sleek design now rather than this..

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    It was a thermos from Zojirushi, a very famous Japanese company. It is great to make some tea in the evening, pour it into the thermos and in the morning not to spend any time and just drink hot tea from it. What I like most about this company is that they widely use price matching strategy that is why the goods are even more customer-attractive. Here are some more details https://priceva.com/blog/price-matching
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