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    I think Clubcard pay+ is a great idea it’s easy to use. I can even set it up to my Tesco Pay Plus account!

    just a couple of ideas going forward - The round up account would be great to offer to convert into Tesco Vouchers offering more incentives and obviously the option to triple up into rewards vouchers.

    Also within the round up account the option to round up to the nearest £1 - £10 so that the user has the option to set the savings goals.

    Would be great to offer more of an interest rate for the larger rate of round up ie to nearest £10 offering more incentive to round up to larger amounts!

    any thoughts?


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    Thank you so much for your feedback @Biggie, I have passed this on to the Clubcard Pay+ team, if any other users have any feedback then please let us know :)
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