If you’re
a credit card customer and you get paper statements, you may have noticed a leaflet with this month’s bill telling you about our Mobile App. To make it easy for you to download our App we included a QR code in the leaflet.

It’s the first time we’ve used QR codes like this and we’re excited to hear what you think. If you’re new to QR codes here’s some information to help you make the most of them.

What are QR codes?

QR (or Quick Response) codes work in a similar way to barcodes. When you scan one with your smartphone it usually takes you to a website.

How do I scan QR codes?

Most smartphones and tablets these days have built-in QR code scanners in their camera app. On some older phones you might need to download an app to scan a QR code. You can find these apps in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store by searching for ‘QR Code’.
To scan a QR code:
1. Open the QR reader app or your camera
2. Point at the QR code
3. The QR code link should appear or you might be taken straight to the website by your phone

Are QR codes sent by Tesco Bank safe?

Any QR code you’ll see on our letters, our website or when you’re securely logged in to our digital services are safe. Remember to be cautious when using QR codes provided by sources you can’t verify such as spam emails or other leaflets. You can read more about security in this helpful guide.

I’d love to hear your views on QR codes. Have you used them? If yes, were they easy to use? Do you feel safe using them? If not, why?
I look forward to reading your comments below.


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