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    When making payments from my online Tesco current account, the payer name on the recipient's (payee) account displays my birth Christian name and Surname.
    Is it possible to change this to Initial(s) or preferably common name that everyone knows me by to avoid confusion.
    An online option to personalise this in the same way as you can change internet saver account names, would be useful.
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    Hi @tescobanker, thanks for your message.

    You can change the name or the nickname for your payees at any time using your online banking.

    Once logged in, select the arrow next to your account and then manage account. After this please select 'Send Money' next to your Current Account and then under the heading 'Move your money' on the left hand side you should see an option 'Manage linked accounts and payees'.

    From here you can see a list of your payees and by selecting 'amend' next to them you can change the name attached and also set nicknames for the accounts so it's easier for you to differentiate your accounts.

    I hope this helps 😀
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    Thanks for your response. I may have confused the issue by using the term "payee" incorrectly.
    It is my own name (payer) which is displayed on the recipient's account statement, that I was wanting to change.
    Any suggestions?
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    Hi @tescobanker, thanks for clarifying that. I'm afraid that your payees will only see your name as displayed on your account and correspondence. I'm sorry for any inconvenience this causes.