What are your Hobbies?

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    So @60eve has been doing some very creative things with books that you can see in this thread, that got me thinking about hobbies. What does the Community get up to in their spare time?

    I was a podcast host for a number of years, I did everything from show preparation, recording and editing and it really passed the time. My co hosts where from England, Finland and the USA so we had range of accents speaking about the latest tech and games.

    Do you have a creative talent that you would like to share with us? Maybe your a keen Gardner or a part time magician like @ChristopherP. Please us all know in the comments below.
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    Every 6 months I try to find a new hobby :) at the moment it is playing Destiny with my relatives and friends. After my nephew shared this link with me https://leprestore.com/destiny/ I started to play even more since my gaming experience improved greatly. The next will be somethiing like cycling or wrestling. Will see :)
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    @JoDispens Woah, that's some Hobby!! At the moment my Son and I are playing through Valve games. So we finished the Portal Series and are now on the Half Life games.. My son has VR and playing Half Life Alix in VR is more Scary than fun...
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    @OlsenK51 That sounds amazing! Where do you Kayak?
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    I appreciate the concept of allocating a specific amount of space for the collection and vowing to stay within that limit. Old items must be cleared out to create room for the new if there becomes too much. Knowing you only have a limited amount of space can help you streamline your collection-building process so you only include items you actually adore rather than anything that fits the criteria.

    I have a collection of stone eggs and some Pokemon cards (mewtwo pokemon card is my favorite). They are aesthetically pleasing yet entirely worthless (maybe just as bullets). I can only have so many of them, so they are kept on a small wall shelf where they don't take up valuable horizontal space. That keeps it straightforward enough for me and keeps me from covering every flat area with ridiculous things.
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