*Query* How many points with Clubcard Pay?

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    Hi, I am a Newbie.
    I used to have the OLD Clubcard Plus account which gave 2 extra points per £1 spent in Tesco in top if the 1 point from the Clubcard. When this was stopped, I opened a current account but used it in the same way, gaining 1 extra point in addition to the Clubcard.
    With the new Clubcard Pay is it no additional points (other than the first 3 months)? If so, I can't see the point of it.
    Also, can it be used with the Pay+ App and Clubcard Plus? (really need to think of more original names for these accounts and systems!).
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    Hi @Flossyfi, thanks for getting in touch. For the first 3 months after you open your Clubcard Pay+ account you’ll collect 2 Clubcard points for every £1 you spend using your Clubcard Pay+ debit card, on qualifying products in Tesco and on Tesco Fuel (excludes Esso). That’s one extra Clubcard point for every £1 you spend. After 100 days, you will go back to the Clubcard points collection rate you usually get in Tesco when using your Clubcard. In addition to the Clubcard points collected in Tesco, you'll also collect 1 Clubcard point for every £8 you spend outside of Tesco. Your Clubcard Pay+ debit card can also be added to the Tesco Pay+ app. I hope this clarifies things!
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    @RobbieT Thanks, that makes sense. I don't think I will bother with it then.

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    So I would get more points using my Tesco credit card instead.