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    With a standard Clubcard you get 1 point per pound spent, so spending £50 in store would get you 50 points, if you use Clubcard Pay+, you still only get the 50 points nothing extra.

    I'm really struggling to understand the benefit of having Clubcard Pay+ and using it in store, as it doesn't give you anything extra compared to using a standard bank issued debit card and you have the extra hassle of topping the card up before use.

    Once the "bonus" period has ended for me, I'm likely to cancel as there is no benefit to card and 1 point for every £8 spent elsewhere is not really a selling point of the card.
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    Hi @jonnyp83, I'm sorry to hear that you are disappointed with the Clubcard Pay+ account. The feedback that we have received is that our customers also like that they can use this account to both budget and save their money better. I appreciate that this might not be the same for everyone!
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    Hi @TrinhO thanks for the reply, I already have a Monzo account for budgeting, and it has far more features than the Clubcard Pay+ account - in fact provides a lot of inside on spending to support budgeting.

    If the card provided Clubcard points for using it to pay for grocery or Tesco services then it would make sense and have a selling point for me, but it doesn't other then 1 point for £8 spent outside of Tesco (bizarrely).

    The bonus period for me is nearly up and the letter to cancel the account is written and ready to be posted - maybe my expectations were to high for the card, but for me it definitely fell incredibly short for a Tesco product.
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    @jonnyp83 This is great feedback, Clubcard Pay+ is still in its infancy as a product so every comment we get is great. You've mentioned Monzo's features, can I ask what features they offer that you think would make a good addition to Clubcard Pay+? You've also mentioned the rewards, can I ask you to expand on why the 1 point per £8 is Bizarre in your words?
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    Hi @RossM

    In terms of the features that Monzo offers that I use

    • Ability to use Apple Pay (they also offer the Google version)
    • Spending categories, so you can tag your spending to help track spending - I can categorise spend using the usual entertainment, food, etc
    • Instant notifications when you spend / money comes in / out of your account - so I know when money has left the account
    • Round-up of spending into savings pot
    • Ability to create multiple savings pots - I have pots to save for new gadgets, 1 for show tickets
    • Interest on savings pots
    • Budgeting tools to view spend in graphs / tables to control spending, including notification if scheduled payments are higher / lower than previous month
    • No fee’s for using the card abroad - although obviously I haven't used this for a while
    • Ability to split the transaction with others - so when going out with friends I can pick up the bill and then with a click of a button send requests for my friends to automatically send their share to my account

    I have a Monzo plus account (£5 per month) which means as well as all the above, I have access to virtual cards, so I can create a debit card for each place I use it, such as 1 card for my Netflix subscriptions, 1 for use on Amazon and I have 1 that I previously used for my Tesco shopping.

    The Monzo app also provides real time access to support in-app, which in this day and age is not ground-breaking, but surprising how many companies don’t offer (such as Tesco who force you to call in for support).

    I said that the 1 point for each £8 spent outside of Tesco is bizarre as Tesco Pay+ offered 1 point for every £4 spent in store in addition to your usual Clubcard points, Tesco Bank’s credit card offers the same 1 point for every £4 spent in Tesco (plus 1 point for every £8 spent outside), plus your usual Clubcard points. Tesco Bank has launched Clubcard Pay+ that offers no rewards for shopping in Tesco, but will reward you for shopping elsewhere. There is no reward for being a loyal customer, but there is reward for shopping elsewhere.

    I get that as you said that it’s in its infancy, but considering the rewards for previous Tesco products and the vast number of similar products including some of the heavily used Monzo or Revolut, it feels that Clubcard Pay+ is relying on pulling customers in with it’s “bonus” 100 days of Clubcard points and then hopping people continue to use the service beyond the 100 days with no features or benefits to use the product - I expected at least something similar to what Pay+ and Tesco Credit Card offered of 1 point per £4 spent in addition to the normal Clubcard points received.
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    @jonnyp83 Thanks for taking the time to write this. I have recorded all the above comments as feedback. What would be the most important feature that you would like to be introduced?