close credit account and keep clubcard number

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    Hi, I want to close my credit card account but still keep my clubcard number. Is this possible? Many thanks
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    When you close your credit card this will stop it being used as a Clubcard, although you can request a new Clubcard and link this to your credit card so you can continue to have all your Clubcard points and have a Clubcard after your account is closed.

    You can link your Clubcard with your credit card, you would have to message Tesco's Facebook or Twitter account to request this. Alternatively, you can give Clubcard a call! You can reach them on 0800 591 688 (from a landline) or 0330 123 1688 (from a mobile). Their opening hours are on Mon - Fri: 8am - 8pm and Sat: 9am - 6pm. Just so you know, we wouldn't send you a new credit card with your updated Clubcard number.