Downloading credit card transactions in CSV format

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    I used to be able to download my credit card transactions, from each of my credit card statements, in CSV format.

    Since the site was 'upgraded' it seems that I can only download the transactions for the last 90 days, which means if I want to process only the transactions on a particular month's statement, I have to identify and extract them from the downloaded file.

    Furthermore, it appears that I can no longer download transactions older than 90 days in CSV format, so have to cut, paste and edit from pdf files if I need data from more than 3 months ago.
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    Hi @paul795, thanks for getting in touch. We did make some updates to Online Banking so I'm afraid the option to download transactions by statement isn't currently available. You can still download the last 90 days of transactions in a .csv or .tsv format and the last 5 years of monthly statements as a .PDF. I'm sorry if this isn't a suitable option for you.

    We do plan to reintroduce the previous options in the future, however I don't have a timescale for this at the moment. We will provide an update on The Community as soon as we have more information on this.
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    Please allow an option to download transactions in csv for a tax year, or last 12 months. Or even if a max of 3 months but you can put your start date. I need credit card data to do a tax return. This is so odd that I can't do this for my credit card.