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    Since you're closing down the current account I thought I'd try Clubcard Pay as an alternative to getting points on everyday spending. I've been using it in anger for a few weeks and so far, my experience has been mixed. There have been a few occasions where contactless just doesn't work and I have to use another card. More frustratingly, for online transactions sometimes the 3DS validation throws up an error 'something went wrong' (despite sufficient funds). This is really frustrating at the end of a transaction as you have to cancel and start all over again with a new card. Even worse, I've bought train tickets online, only to get an email many hours later from the train company to say they can't issue tickets as the transaction is 'pending', (again despite plenty of funds). In order to avoid losing out on tickets I had to re-purchase using a different card, not knowing if the original transaction might go through at some point. Not sure if anyone else has had similar experiences?
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    Hi @Sonicmook, I'm sorry to hear this! You can use contactless for purchases under £45, were these payments under the contactless limit? In terms of the mobile app, I've not been made aware of any issues authorising payments. Are you able to try uninstalling and reinstalling the app to see if this resolves this issue? Just let me know how that goes.