Transaction and low balance alerts are live!

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    Hey all, you may have noticed that you now have the option to turn on ‘Transaction Alerts’ and ‘Balance Alerts’ within the notifications tab of the Mobile App, in addition to the ‘Funds arriving into account’ alert.

    This means that provided you have opted in for push alerts on your device, you will now receive notifications on all new transactions including when funds arrive in the account, as well as a low balance notification in which you’re able to choose the amount.

    I have included instructions on how to turn on these alerts within the mobile app in a post below.

    It has been great reading all your comments and feedback around Clubcard Pay+ within this group and I wondered if these new notifications will be useful to you all and if you have any other ideas for notifications that we could introduce?
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    Former Community Manager
    Once logged into the app, you should be presented with the screen asking if you would like to switch on notifications. By selecting ‘Allow Notifications’ this will register you to receive Push Notifications for your account.
    If you have selected ‘Not Now’ in the past and now wish to activate these notifications or wish to amend your notification choices, this can be managed by following the next steps:

    • Once logged into the app, select the menu at the top right or left of the screen.
    • Select Notifications within the More section.
    • Select the account(s) for where you would like notifications to be enabled.
    • Select the toggle next to Account notifications, this will launch a permission pop up window. Select Allow to continue
    • You can now choose which notifications you would like to receive including ‘Transaction Alerts’ and ‘Balance Alerts’.
    • Within the Balance alert section, you can set an amount and the app will notify you when your balance falls below the chosen limit.