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    So far not been having much luck with this new Clubcard Pay+. Card gets rejected more times than not, not only by my local corner shops but by Tesco's as well. I don't understand the automatic "Round up" facility either, I can see the few successful payments that have been rounded up but where to, a savings account but where is it and how do I draw from it if I need to?
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    Hi @Worthit, sorry to hear that. Are these contactless transactions or transactions with the CHIP and PIN that have been declined?

    A Round Up account is a savings account provided with your Clubcard Pay+ account. On the Mobile Banking App, your Round Up account will be displayed underneath the Clubcard Pay+ account. When you spend with your Clubcard Pay+ debit card, transactions are rounded to the nearest £1 and the difference is automatically transferred to your Round Up account. You can withdraw funds from the Round Up account to your Clubcard Pay+ account at any point. The round up functionality will be automatically switched on for you when we open your Clubcard Pay+ account, but you can switch it on and off anytime within the Mobile Banking App.