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    @dw4536 Hey, I'm afraid not. The product is not designed to be topped up via a Credit Card.

    Thanks RossM for your quick response 👍
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    @ZeroSum Thanks for your response - and the honesty! It's absolutely what we are here for ⚡️

    I would love to dig a little bit deeper if that is okay with you.

    Firstly, am I right in saying you are using your Tesco current account card at the moment for all your shopping? But due to those types of accounts closing, you tried the Clubcard Pay+ card and did not find any benefit in the product? 🙂

    Do you have any thoughts as to where you will be moving your current account to, after your Tesco Bank account closes?

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    @pegerton Thanks so much for the response! I can absolutely see where you are coming from in terms of points and using your credit card for the same thing ⚡️

    Did you try the Clubcard Pay+ product and then make this conclusion - or did you know the product was not going to be for you without having to apply? 🙂

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    @Steve2021 Thanks a lot for your response, Steve! Really appreciate your time ⚡️

    You mentioned your first top up attempt was for £200 which failed, you then managed to successfully top up £2 a few days later. Why did you drop the top up amount down so much?

    I totally see where you are coming from on entering your banking passwords within another apps experience. Is there anything that would have made the journey more trusting for you? How did you know about the 'push' method of topping up (sending direct from your other bank into your Clubcard Pay+ card without clicking 'top up' in the app)? Did you just know this would work, or did you read/get confirmation from somewhere before trying it? 🙂

    I used the tesco current account for tesco shopping only as I got the extra clubcard points. I used to apso use it as a savings account when it paid a decent interest rate. I don't have a 'main' current account, I have half a dozen with various banks that I cherry pick the perks. Clubcard plus only perk can be bettered by several other options, and therefore I have no reason to have it. Go back to double clubcard points I tesco, then I'll start using it when I shop in tesco.