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    So, I thought I would give Clubcard Pay+ another go, while not blown away by the features the first time around, there seems to be interest from Tesco Bank to improve the Clubcard Pay+ experience and curious what will change / improve.

    When the new card arrived, activated using the app, went to use it on the Tesco grocery website, transaction kept coming up failed and to contact Tesco Bank. Called through, was told that I needed to use it in an ATM before it will work (I didn't last time I had one, so sceptical on this advise), went to an ATM, checked the balance, back to Tesco grocery, same issue. Called through again, got to the same person, who said everything is fine, but will reset the token and within seconds tried the transaction and it went through - success!

    Everything has been fine for a couple of weeks, and then last night the same issue again. Left it overnight and tried again this morning and still the same, called through, spoke to someone who said it was Tesco grocery issue, explained it's not, he rest the token and it worked straight away.

    10 minutes, went to update a delivery on Tesco grocery, it wants to re-authenticate the transaction and back to the same issue, so it looks like another call to Tesco Bank 😩
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    Spoke to someone (have to say the staff are good), no idea why it's not working, can see the authentication requests, confirmed the app is up to date - advised to try again later and call back if still an issue, but would leave notes on the account.
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    Issue is still happening, spoke to another person who has got a manager to raise it to IT, apparently they are seeing issues with 3D-secure and the Tesco grocery store. The person I spoke to promised a call back if they get an update before they finish, otherwise to try again and if it is still an issue tomorrow to call back.

    Can someone in the community team find out what's happening with the issue as if the issue was only just raised, I can't see it being resolved in the next 90 minutes to get a callback - I could be wrong, but not expecting the IT teams to perform miracles and resolve it that quickly.
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    @jonnyp83 hey, can you send us a private message to Tesco-Bank so we can look into this? The link will open a messaging window.

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