Had a call from a clearly suspect fraudster on Saturday, have tried to report it to Tesco Bank but each time I get stuck in a moving forward queue that moves me no where. Saturday I spent 17 minutes waiting for the "Representative who wants to talk to you" - before giving up, I had a quick 10 minutes Sunday and went for the long haul today (Monday)- 36 Minutes, to be put back on hold for 8 minutes and then told the department I needed to talk to to unblock my card (After two rejections in Morrisons) closed at 6pm. Operative cannot unblock my card as I need to speak to a team which went down the pub at 6pm. Recorded message bangs on about managing your account on line, but there is nothing - not even a message telling me my card is blocked. And I though Barclays were bad ! - This is totally rubbish guys.