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    How do I inform Tesco of a lost credit card when they do not answer the phone and the website is down?

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    Hi @AngelaB

    If you think your card has been lost or stolen, you should let Tesco know straight away using Online Banking or Mobile Banking app.

    Log into Online Banking, click on the arrow to expand your account and open the ‘Your Card’ feature by clicking the ‘More’ button.

    • From there you will be able to report it either lost or stolen, where we’ll block and cancel your card and send you a new one within 7 days.
    • If you have any additional card holders, they’ll also get a new card - so be sure to let them know.

    Using our Mobile Banking App, open the ‘Lost or stolen card’ feature in ‘Account management’ on iOS or by clicking the button at the bottom of the screen on the left hand side on Android.

    • From there you will be able to block your card, all transactions (except pending transactions) and any additional card holders. Unblock your credit card if you find it again.
    • Report it either lost or stolen and order a new card.

    Alternatively you can call Tesco on 0345 300 4278, Textphone 01423 532 152 or +44 1268 508 027 if you're calling from abroad. This service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

    Warm wishes, Caz @25H