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    Hi I would like to do balance transfer for my additional card holder's balance which is with other bank.
    All other bank allows to do that but why Tesco says no. I called thrice to help line but I was informed that you could not do that.
    All other banks allow youto do balance transfer if the balance is on the card if your additional card holder but not allow you if balance us on any other person's card.

    Could you please help me.
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    Hi @TNRR, thanks for getting in touch. My colleagues have been correct with the information they've provided when you called. I'm afraid you'd only be able to transfer a balance from another credit card (with a different provider) that's in your own name. This is part of your credit card terms and conditions, and isn't something that we'd be able to alter for your account. I'm sorry for any inconvenience caused, and I'll pass on your comments as customer feedback today.

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