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    I checked the site and read that the number to contact regarding my loan account is open 8am to 10pm Mon to frid. I then sat doing other stuff, thinking leaving it later would make it more likely I'd get through quicker. Imagine my surprise then when I phone at 8:15pm to hear a recorded message saying that the line is open until 8pm and I should phone back within the opening hours. Update your information on this site to prevent others wasting their evening. I'm going to check elsewhere for a loan now as I wanted it secured tonight
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    Hey @NatWood, I am sorry that you've seen incorrect opening hours on our website. Where on the website did you see this? If you still haven't applied for a loan, our loan journey is fully online so you won't need to call us to apply. You can apply for a loan with us by clicking here. I hope this helps!