Frustrating onboarding experience via iOS app

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    I received my Tesco credit card today and have had a pretty frustrating experience registering my account and activating the card using the iOS app for a number of reasons:

    1. I previously had a Tesco credit card around 5 years ago, I attempted to use that account/email but after attempting to log in I was told I had no products I could use with no option to reactivate the account or add the credit card to it.
    2. After hitting that brick wall I tried to use a new username/email address in the format of [email protected] (I tend to to do this for each and every service I sign up for to reduce the possibility of credential stuffing attacks) this time I got an error saying something had gone wrong (ECU-70) with no other info. I suspect that this is because I had the word “tesco” in my email address but it didn’t actually say this anywhere.
    3. I use a password manager so when I finally managed to get through the username section and had to set a password I switched to my password manager app to create a new password. When I returned to the Tesco app it had kicked me back to the very start of the onboarding process so I had to start all over again.
    4. When I finally returned to the password screen I was told that my password didn’t meet the requirements even though it was 32 characters long and a mix of uppercase, lowercase and numbers. I decided to shorten it to a 16 character password and that was accepted. Presumably there is a max length for passwords? If so this isn’t communicated on the password screen, only that it needs to be a minimum of 7 and using numbers and letters.

    All in all a very annoying experience!
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    Hey @JayTay, I'm sorry for the experience you had in setting up the app. Your previous username will be linked to the closed account you used to have so I'm afraid it won't be possible to reuse this. You are right in saying that the username you tried wouldn't have been accepted due to it containing the word 'Tesco'. Usernames need to be personal to you as the user and not just generic and related to Tesco Bank. The password doesn't exactly have a maximum length but you cannot have more than 3 of the same character in it, so this essentially limits the length. I will certainly raise some feedback with your comments. We always use this in order to improve our products and services. I hope this helps!