Suspicious texts purportedly from Tesco Bank

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    ​​​​​​​I have received 2 text messages this morning at 04:38 that I'm suspicious of. The first says it is from TescoBank and reads:

    "Tesco Bank: We will shortly send details of a transaction made on your credit card. Please respond as directed. Further messages will be sent from [mobile number ommitted]"

    The second is from the mobile number and reads:

    "Tesco Bank: We have noticed a transaction was declined on your credit card on 09/01/2022 at Blizzard Entertainment for £0.00. Please confirm by replying Y if the above transaction is yours or N if it is not."

    When I sign into my Internet banking there is no record of this transaction (and I know I didn't make it).

    Is it normal for Tesco to contact you on two different numbers when dealing with suspicious/declined transactions?

    I'm worried that this is a phishing attempt where someone is trying to match up my mobile number with my credit card. If this is a legitimate case of Tesco catching a someone else using my card, then I'm not sure what a scammer hopes to achieve by charging £0.00 to a my card.
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    UPDATE: I received a call from the Tesco Fraud Prevention Team shortly after posting this thread confirming these texts were indeed legitimate. Just want to shout out to @Tesco-Bank for helping me identify the issue, cancel and re-issue my credit card - excellent customer service. It is much appreciated!
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    @Legions Thanks for coming back to confirm this. I'm happy to hear that you got everything sorted :)

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