Transaction payment deferral for faulty goods?

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    Hi everyone, I've just had a sofa delivered but some comedian at the warehouse put a forklift truck fork through the wooden frame, so it has to go back. The delivery company won't react quickly (despite it being their fault), so I'm looking at almost 4 weeks before it can be picked up. As it stands, the £850 will need to be paid on the Tesco Credit Card before I would get a refund (likely by end Feb).
    Can I get Tesco to "ring fence" the amount until the refund is paid so I'm not out of pocket for 4-6 weeks? The retailer won't play ball and won't even pay for all my repackaging costs.
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    Hi @PaulCh, sorry to hear this. I'm afraid that we're not able to ringfence certain transactions to not include them in your statement balance to be paid. If you end up with a credit balance after the refund is processed, we can refund this credit balance to you.