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    I've stopped adding the roundup 'pennies' to the account as I think it's a trivial waste of time. Does anybody know how to transfer the remaining balance - either to my Internet Saver or Pay+ account and then how do I close the 'Roundup' account for good?
    I've searched on my desktop on my account but cannot see any solutions.
    By the way I think the Pay+ account is excellent and I've started to use it for all my day to day retail purchases.
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    Hey @abtpayne, I'm glad that you're having a positive experience with your Clubcard Pay+ card. Sorry to hear that you don't find Round Up useful. The Round Up account comes automatically with Clubcard Pay+, and I'm afraid this can't be closed without closing Clubcard Pay+. To move money out of Round Up internally, select the Round Up account in the mobile app and then tap 'Transfer'. This will allow you to move money into any of your Tesco Bank accounts. I hope this helps!
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    Thanks JoeC,
    I did manage to transfer the Roundup balance to my Pay+ account.
    However I never use the mobile app for any of my many bank accounts but always do my banking online with my windows desktop which apparently is not the same operation as the mobile iPhone apps - I was trying to do it on my Dell.
    I also signed into my Pay+ mobile app (instead of the Tesco App) because in my ignorance it is connected to the Roundup account.
    I have now realised that you have to sign into the ordinary Tesco banking app instead and the settings menu is appropriate for this.
    I have different passwords etc for these two different apps which I think can be a little confusing.
    I might try using my Pay+ mobile app to pay without my card and I suppose that's what the strange Aztec bar code that comes up when I sign in.
    I see all the young people (under 50) using their phone to pay for everything nowadays.
    Thanks again for your help from a keen old timer.
    Kind regards,