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    Around three weeks ago I opened my credit card account. I tried to balance transfer, and this caused for a fraud alert to be raised on my account and I can't use my card and my mobile/ online banking is locked. I called up and was told it would be 48-72 hours to deal with this and they'd call me back.

    A week later I heard nothing so called back and after 2 hours on the phone was told to wait for a call back again. I told the phone operator I wasn't happy with this because I'd already been in limbo for a week and she said she's raise my case to "urgent."

    After another few days, I sent in a complaint as well as I had now had over a week no access.

    It has now nearly been 3 weeks with no contact, and I still have no access to my bank account with tesco. Also I'm not sure how much longer I can take advantage of my introductory offer on my credit card on balance transfers, and am afraid this may run out before I even get access to my account. Only an email back from complaints, saying they'd seen my complaint, but no action has been taken.
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    Hi @kiveuge, please send over a PM to @Tesco-Bank and we'll do our best to help.

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